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The True Mandingos

The "Third Leg" 3 Pack Bundle

The "Third Leg" 3 Pack Bundle

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Save over $75 on this 3 Pack "Third Leg" bundle 

Many women enjoy length but above all they love Girth and thickness. Our third leg combination is nothing short of amazing as this product truly demonstrates and lives up to its name. You'll be able to achieve an astronomical size of girth that will be unbelievable for you and your partner to behold. We keep the same formula from our Mandingo tribal family that was passed down from generations. This will make her scream your name like never before. Use until your satisfied with your results then you can stop use as the results are permanent.


Results are noticed just within a few days but you’ll see the entirety in about 2-3 months.


: Comes with 1 bottle 30ML jumbo size.


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